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March 20, 2012

Love This: Nature girl and Nature boy

I am in love with these gorgeous prints by Lizzie Stuart;

Nature Girl

Nature Boy

Fitting for our new adventure, such a shame we wont have any walls to hang them on for a while, still firmly on the wishlist though. Available from her Etsy shop, along with lots more illustrated goodness.

February 8, 2012

Love This: Eleni Kalorkoti

Today I am in need of some mid-week escapism and have found myself dreaming of far-flung worlds, the perfect sort of day to discover these wonderful  illustrations by Eleni Kalorkoti, I especially love Franny and Zooey, one of my favorite books that I have been meaning to re-read…


Franny and Zooey

Girl with Tiger

Running away from home


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September 15, 2011

Mail art from 100 mile house

I love Jessica Gowling‘s address, it sounds so remote and idyllic, I imagine a little log cabin nestled into the foot of a mountain with a long winding track up to it. I received a lovely garden themed package from her this week in a beautifully decorated envelope. It contained some lovely cuttings and paper ephemera, a pressed flower and  some wonderful stamps that I am in love with. My favorite piece was the old book page with a pretty mountain scene and a quote that reads ” I cannot offer gentle flowers, only these strange and fateful blooms”, there’s something captivating about those words.

incidentally, if you have a penchant for beautiful hand printed illustrations of wildlife you should check out Jessica’s shop. I especially LOVE these pieces and have put them on the wish list in my head:

August 11, 2011

Love This:

I absolutely love these prints by Blanca Gomez,  simplistic and reminiscent of  1920’s illustration they are timeless classics that would surely look charming in any room, I would especially like the three city prints hung on my walls. All available from her Etsy shop.

July 6, 2011

Michael Sowa ~ Spaziergang

My lovely Mum sent me this postcard a while ago, I have it on my notice board and find it is day-dream inducing. The other day I spotted it in the film Amelie, on her bedroom wall, which made me smile.