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February 21, 2012

New in the shop: Nest hoop frames

I’ve made these two little hoop frame beauties for the SHOP, they are hand screen printed and appliqued and perfect to hang in your nest, I love the circular shape, good for mixing things up amongst all your rectangular frames and the words are good to live by. They are also extra special because they are original one-off pieces:

Climb a mountain

Home is wherever I’m with you

January 13, 2012


Today I have been designing some new prints and bits and bobs with love in mind. I am using those particular words as they are a marvellous reminder of a simple reassuring fact that, for me, is at the core of love.

Hope you all have wonderous weekends, I’m off to London town to see friends, family and dance with glitter on my face.


November 13, 2011

As leaves fall

Today was a beautiful crisp autumn day, my favourite sort of day. I love the colours of the changing leaves, the smell in the air and the light in the sky. It was perfect for a trip to the woods to take photo’s of some of my new cushions, I’ve combined my own screen printed fabrics with bits of material I’ve collected including Liberty prints and vintage fabrics;

October 22, 2011

Things to make and do:

I’ve been collecting lots of ideas and free tutorials for future projects via pinterest and I thought I’d share some of them with you as they are real beauties.

Doilie table runner – Tutorial from ashleyannphotography

Giant knitted owl – Tutorial from Purlbee


Doilie lampshade – Tutorial from Dos family

Crochet granny squares for a blanket – Tutorial from Deer little fawn

And in my dreams – Peabody sweater pattern from Ravelry

October 21, 2011

Ribbons doilies and garlands

This week I have been making cushions, garlands and other pretties out of vintage and hand screen printed fabrics, doilies and beautiful ribbon ready for the launch of the As petals fall shop in December…

August 6, 2011

Mail mail mail…

This morning I got a lovely package from my Gran via my Mum; two beautiful doilies, I also received an amazing postcard from my sister who is in France for the entire summer, I miss her lots but this cow’s face and her almost unreadable handwriting cheered me up.

Last week I also received a peachy package from Lucy (Moll and Mostin) The envelope was one of the best I’ve seen, beautifully decorated with collage and paint, and the inside was just as wonderful. She kindly sent me a hand-made colouring book that she had picked up in a cool little shop in New York, as well as a notebook that she covered, I cant wait to start writing lists in it! There was also one of her handmade cards for me to send to someone and a handmade paper rose broach. Thank You Lucy!

This bit of letterbox love has reminded me to finally post about some mail art I sent a long time ago, I had been waiting to publish it as the recipients had not received it for ages due to the Canadian postal strikes, anyway here it is, along with some bits I sent to Manchester and Newcastle:

A reply to Jeannine aka Saylor made was in order after her wonderful package,  I sent her a beetle illustration, a map garland,a fabric screen printed key, a cutting of some pink mountains, some more buttons and a long letter:

A reply to Jessica Gowling: I sent her one of my beetle illustrations, a paper map garland i made, some teeny moth illustrations, a fabric screen printed key, an old map picture, a stamp and some cuttings I thought she would like:

I also sent a reply to Sumi Senthi including one one of my barn owl illustrations, some interesting map pictures i found, a Queen of hearts, a 1920’s advert for a company in Manchester which I thought she might like as she lives in Manchester, some ribbon, a pretty button and an original piece of art – a typewriter in return for the typewriter she drew for me.

I also sent a requested package to Anna Searle which included the faberge egg illustration I did for her illustration project, a ‘I wanted to tell you’ illustration, a map garland, a 1920’s magazine excerpt, a Canadian stamp, a Queen of diamonds, a screen printed key and some embroidery beads and lace that I thought she would like to use for her beautiful embroidery. Thank you Anna for your kind words, and for encouraging me to include garlands in my shop (coming soon):

I also received a parrot adorned package from Ashley Gaia from Florida containing a treat for any stationary lover; lots of paper bits and envelopes and a piece of beautiful handmade paper, as well as some stickers, cuttings, a piece of original art and a card adorning a very graceful bird, Thank You Ashley.

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July 26, 2011

Doilie doilie doilie

Some doilie designs I’ve been working on for a range of  textile home wares:

May 12, 2011

Doilie design

I love the intricacy of doilies and lace, and I love drawing intricate things, here is an illustration I did that I’m going to turn into a textile design. I just cant wait to get into the screen printing studio next month. BIG things are gonna happen!

May 3, 2011

I collect doilies

I have unintentionally acquired a doily/ vintage tablecloth collection, I’m very happy about this. The first batch I collected for the table decorations at my wedding, and the other day my lovely Gran sent me a bag full that she had collected for me, including two beautiful vintage linen tablecloths: