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February 13, 2013

A Borrowed City


As you may well know, I have a love of all things Scandinavian and have wanted to visit for a long time, if only to confirm my love, like visiting a soul mate pen-pal for the first time in real life . Originally I had dreams of an epic journey across Norway and Sweden, however due to the fact that everything is double the price we settled for a four-day city break in Oslo.


Little red house

As soon as we flew over the silver birch coloured landscape my love was cemented,  the train journey from the airport through the country filled my heart even more with each  little red and yellow wooden house that slipped past and I began daydreaming about re-locating.

We had a wonderful time exploring the city, bitter air biting at our bones and blushing our noses, stopping in cosy coffee shops and stylish bars… in fact it’s true, It’s all so very stylish. My rose tinted vision from blogs and pinterest boards was confirmed – White washed and grey palettes with accents of colour (mostly, my favorite, yellow), sheepskins and throws, log piles, wooden furniture with that effortlessly cool curve, candles (even in the daytime) and sleek light fittings. Staying in what could only be described as My Dream Home only added to the joy of it all. And this is a city remember, I imagine things would get more idyllic for me in the country. One of the great things about Oslo in fact is that its only a 20 min journey on the metro and you’re in nature, pine tree forests and ski runs, the wholesome red cheeks of the  inhabitants clutching ski’s on the bus says it all.



Our apartment for the weekend


Cafe Laundromat

We took the metro up to the 2km toboggan run – Korketrekkeren (The cork screw!) and sledged down a few times stopping for a hot chocolate and giant apple pie in front of a huge log fire in an enchanting log cabin restaraunt at Frognerseteren. Perfect.

541427_10151414344771768_1864551536_nToboggan run


Apres sledge hot chocolate


View from the metro


Other highlights included:


Snowy walks through parks


Cosy coffee shops


Vigeland Sculpture park



Mooching Grunerlokka; A vintage market


Oslo Fjord

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March 20, 2012

Love This: Nature girl and Nature boy

I am in love with these gorgeous prints by Lizzie Stuart;

Nature Girl

Nature Boy

Fitting for our new adventure, such a shame we wont have any walls to hang them on for a while, still firmly on the wishlist though. Available from her Etsy shop, along with lots more illustrated goodness.

June 20, 2011

The mountains are calling


Mountain Love

June 2, 2011


This weekend we went back to our homeland, it was as beautiful as ever; Mountains, waterfalls, swallows, deer and country pubs. :

I was really inspired by the abundance of colours and patterns that this special mountain had :

May 23, 2011

A walk in the wind

Dancing grasses, rustling leaves and darting kites.

May 3, 2011

Holiday at home

This week we are having a holiday… at home. Strange but lovely. Today we went for a cycle to a castle:

February 26, 2011

Wildlife photographer of the year

This Saturday’s classic mooching around Bristol activities  included going to see the ‘Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition’ at Bristol city museum and Art gallery.

These were my favorites:

This photojournalism piece was called ‘The house in the woods’ it detailed the comings and goings of woodland creatures in an abandoned house in Finland. Ahhh I do so love Scandinavian woodland magical fairytale feelings.



February 24, 2011

Bloom Magazine

I LOVE Bloom magazine….

It is a bi-anual journal detailing the trends in horticulture, It’s images are some of the most inspiring and beautiful I have ever seen and each collection of images reads like an abstract enchanting story, It’s like nature’s fairytale.

Priced at 75 Euro’s I’ve never bought a copy, however, I recently discovered an online gallery of  images from the magazine – AMAZING. Find it Here .

Here are a few of my favorites: