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February 29, 2012

Adventure Ahoy!

I wanted to tell you…

Me, Mr W and Luna the cat are off on an adventure… to live in the forest, in a yurt!

The forest is close to where we live now and has views over a beatiful valley, It is a sustainable woodland management project that runs courses in bushcraft, green woodworking, coppicing etc and I have the role of cooking up a yummy lunch for the course attendees and volunteers in the outdoor kitchen.

Living a low impact, off grid life close to nature is something we’ve always dreamed of and we cant quite beleive how lucky we are to have this amazing opportunity. You can follow our adventure and yurt ramblings on this blog:

We built this nest

*Image – by Carlson Ellis, from the magical book Wildwood by Colin Meloy. Now on my wishlist.

February 26, 2012

Salad days

This weekend was full of sunshine;  my little sister came to visit, we strolled in our t -shirts and remembered what summer was like, we climbed a spiral staircase to the top of a tower, we hatched plans for a new adventure, we bought new books and we ate good food.

“For the first time in my life I was out of the sight of humans. For the first time in my life I was alone in a world whose behaviour I could neither predict nor fathom: a world of birds that squealed, of plants that stank, of insects that sprang about without warning. I was lost and I did not expect to be found again. I put my head back and howled, and the sun hit me smartly on the face, like a bully.”

Laurie lee – Cider with Rosie


Cabot tower

At the top

The sister and the Mister

February 23, 2012

Little gems:

I’ve been eyeing up some little affordable gems, you know, the  bringer’s of joy that cost the same as a bottle of wine and feel like finding treasure :

I need this singer sewing machine necklace in my life… From That Kate Creates on Etsy ~ £7

This new tape from the wonderous emporium Seventy tree is simply joyous ~ £5

Cute little rubber stamps from eatpraycreate on Etsy, this moustache is under £5

More washi tape, its amazing how much joy tape can bring, this Argyle design is surely an investment in your stationery stocks. From Cute tape and less than £3.

State your allegiance with the cat world by wearing one of  these sweet badges from Amy Blackwell, available on Etsy ~ £4

Or indeed show your love for Canadian forest animals, with these beautiful badges from Natures my friend ~ £3.50

February 21, 2012

New in the shop: Nest hoop frames

I’ve made these two little hoop frame beauties for the SHOP, they are hand screen printed and appliqued and perfect to hang in your nest, I love the circular shape, good for mixing things up amongst all your rectangular frames and the words are good to live by. They are also extra special because they are original one-off pieces:

Climb a mountain

Home is wherever I’m with you

February 20, 2012

Fabric joy

This weekend I organised all my fabric into neat piles, and added some new bits to my collection thanks to a Fabric swap at the very lovely Tenderfoot shop. I’m all set to start my quilt now…

My fabric

A gorgeous vintage fabric

I love the bee!

Another beautiful vintage piece

A lovely Echino design


A pretty 50’s style design

A patchwork book my Mum gave me

February 13, 2012

Some dreams:

David Hamilton

Bylina studio

Maurice Laban


February 13, 2012

Market trading

On Saturday I set up my little stall by the water at the Harbourside Market, It was such a beaut of a day, the sun was streaming and the boats were breaking the early morning ice…

My ‘Home is wherever you are’  and ‘I wanted to tell you..’ cards went down really well and it made me smile each time someone bought one to think of little messages of love being shared.

Here you can spy some of my *New* embroidery hoop frames, coming to the shop soon.

Flower of Bristol

February 11, 2012

Love This: House of Rym

One of my favourite designers Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day and Anna Backlund have designed a new  home wear collection for Rym. I am absolutely In. Love. The rug design is perfection in my eyes, and the crockery is elegant with a dash of curious whimsy and nature inspired goodness, I am also a fan of the mix and match concept. Wishlist.

‘Flaky fields and mountain drops’ rug

All images from the Fine Little Day Blog

February 10, 2012

Teapots, teapots and giveaway winners:

Thank You so much to all who entered my giveaway and supported the first two weeks of my shop by spreading the word, I absolutely LOVED hearing all your teapot stories and dreams and all your kind comments really make me happy.

My teapot collection currently houses: a very old blue and white one with a  japanese style design that has been with me most of my life and lived in all 8 of my houses, it is very sentimental and has the honor of wearing the red and white striped tea cosy, a Marmite one belonging to my husband, a small red one hand painted to look like an elephant which was a wedding gift from a friend, a Boden glass one that I refer to as the man teapot because of its masculine design, and a gorgeous brown art deco style one that my Husbands Mum handed down to me (I’m using this one to pick the winning names) . This small collection is one that I aim to build on until I have a shelf like this:

The teapot of my dreams right now is this beauty by Danish company Ferm Living:

Here are some more super teapots, including ones that you mentioned, to look at before I reveal the WINNERS!


*** 1st Prize:

**2nd Prize:

*3rd Prize:

CONGRATULATIONS Petals! Email me your address and I’ll post you your winnings, Hurrah!

Images:  1. Collection 2. Ferm Living 3. Bright Bazaar  4. Catherineholme Lotus teapot 5. Jansen & Co’s My Teapot   6. Typhoon Ching He Huang Teapot 7. Stump Teapot 8. Harlequin Pottery 50’s Teapot 9. Vintage 50’s Cat teapot 10. Hobnail japanese cast iron Teapot from Teavana 11. A trio of tiny tin toy teapots

February 8, 2012

Love This: Eleni Kalorkoti

Today I am in need of some mid-week escapism and have found myself dreaming of far-flung worlds, the perfect sort of day to discover these wonderful  illustrations by Eleni Kalorkoti, I especially love Franny and Zooey, one of my favorite books that I have been meaning to re-read…


Franny and Zooey

Girl with Tiger

Running away from home


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