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October 22, 2011

Things to make and do:

I’ve been collecting lots of ideas and free tutorials for future projects via pinterest and I thought I’d share some of them with you as they are real beauties.

Doilie table runner – Tutorial from ashleyannphotography

Giant knitted owl – Tutorial from Purlbee


Doilie lampshade – Tutorial from Dos family

Crochet granny squares for a blanket – Tutorial from Deer little fawn

And in my dreams – Peabody sweater pattern from Ravelry

September 8, 2011


I finally finished the knitted owl cushion that I have been working on for months, he is called Oswald Mowl.  I am very proud as it took much perseverance to say the least but now I feel ready to tackle a pattern for a cardigan or jumper, preferably a fair isle number.

He’s sporting vintage floral wings and a gold leather beak

May 16, 2011


I’ve had a bit of a craftathon today; Firstly I finished my first square of a patchwork blanket I’m making as part of Twit Knit Club (A virtual knitting club on Twitter). This was the brain child of Scarlett Curtis aka Teen Granny, see details here. It’s such a great idea; seeing/ hearing everyone elses progress via twitter will hopefully spur me on to finish the blanket, it will also give me something to knit at my real life knit club. I’ve gone for a striped design:

I also finished my felt chihuahua as featured in Mollie Makes magazine and taken from Felties, a fabulous book (which I really want now). I think I’ll turn him into a badge.

April 1, 2011

Three things I love;

Melanie Porter

Knit the city’s Phonebox cosy

Some amazing yarn-bombing in Bristol captured by That Kate

March 16, 2011

Knitting + Pudding = Joy

So knitting club has (inevitably?) transformed into pudding club: we discuss the week’s dilemas, eat a sugar based foodstuff and then, if there’s time, do a bit of knitting (we are a massive cliche, I know) This week we had an AMAZING chocolate fondant pudding courtesy of Emily.

I am still battling with the owl cushion but to satisfy my need for a quick pay-off I have made a pair of chunky leg warmers as well:

February 17, 2011



Picasso Owl


At Knitting club this week I decided to start the Owl cushion, however following a knitting pattern is not as easy as the grandma’s make it look. I am now on my fifth attempt, hopefully the perseverance will pay off in the form of Olive the owl, a partner for my friends lovingly created owl Olaf!

Knitting Club




In the mean time I have developed a slight obsession for Owl things;

                                                                                 Night Owl cushion from

                                                                      Vintage knitted owl cushion, get the pattern Here

                                                                               I LOVE these three from Donna Wilson


                                                                            Glass owl’s from Retro Art Glass

                                                            A print I bought for my Husband by Lucie Sheridan

                                                        For all beautiful things Owl related; have a peek at My Owl Barn

January 30, 2011

Cat-proof knitting

One of the problems with knitting is that my cat Luna thinks it is a fun game I invented just for her, luckily I received a Christmas present from my crafty mum to reduce the cat interference when knitting, it’s a lovely basket to hold my balls of wool while knitting with a homemade lining;

Basket in action

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January 30, 2011

Knitting club

Recently my friends and I have formed a knitting circle, we meet every week to knit, chat and drink wine. We have all found it to be a joyous addition to our lives. Maybe it’s part of the transition to mid twenties, or the therapeutic effects knitting has, or maybe its just the season but as soon as we started we knew it felt right! group knitting definitely has many advantages; discussing the perils of purl stitch makes for faster learning ( lone knitting seemed to result in a pseudo purl!), also inspiration/ knit envy (seeing  my friend crack out a knitted owl) provides lots of motivation. Our current projects include snoods, legwarmers, blankets, flowers and iphone holders, we have been mastering the purl stitch, moss stitch, increasing, decreasing and cable stitch. 

I recommend it, even just for the oestrogen fuelled chatting, sometimes we meet in the pub, which can result in funny looks and dropped stitches!

The ultimate shared ambition of our knitting lives is the cable knit/ fair isle jumper; the Holy Grail of Knit Club.