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May 28, 2011

Owl love continued…

Here’s a peek at some felt owl badges I’ve made:

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May 25, 2011

‘I wanted to tell you…’ London and Canada

My next batch of mail art went out about a week ago and has arrived safely into the arms of two lovely ladies:

Lucy of Moll and Mostin;

She designs and makes beautifully nostalgic stationary out of vintage paper cuttings, so I thought she might like some cuttings from my vintage magazine book, she also told me how she loves collage so I sent her some fabric flower cut outs and some stars I made out of fabric and book pages, as well as some of my ribbons and one of my hand-made ‘Heart felts’.

Next was Jeannine aka Saylor Made , a super talented artist/ designer from Canada

This lucky lady is now the proud owner of my felt chihuahua badge. I also sent her an original screen print of mine I did a while ago (I thought she would like the colours), a ‘Button Swap’ because she had commented on my ‘Button moon’ post saying she also has similar childhood memories of buttons, a postcard that i LOVE and a gold star for her to applique onto something.

Jeannine received the package and wrote a lovely blog post about it, see it here and find out what she named Mr Chihuahua!

Mail art makes me smile, if you’d like to join in, or just send me a letter/ tell me a secret then see here ‘I wanted to tell you’.

May 24, 2011

Two owls and a pussycat

Some drawings I have been working on recently:

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May 23, 2011

A walk in the wind

Dancing grasses, rustling leaves and darting kites.

May 22, 2011

Mail art: Outgoing

After my birthing into the world of mail art two people asked if they could exchange with me… I was so excited I got to work straight away, I can’t share it with you yet because they havent received it, but the lovely Jessica Gowling all the way over in Canada has finally received her package;

I sent her a Hunderwasser postcard, a cutting of a vintage advert for oats, some buttons from my collection, a knitted patch that I called ‘Mountains made of wool’ (The zine she sent me was called ‘Mountains made of fur) and a really cute little zine called ‘Bears in your face’ because I know she LOVES bears; this was a cautionary tale of what can happen if you profess your love of bears too publicly! I wrapped it all in one of my print designs printed onto paper.

See what she thought about it here, along with a mountain of other great mail art from creatives around the world, it must be wonderful receiving so much artful post every week!

If you’d like to exchange mail art with me see my  ‘I wanted to tell you’ page.

May 19, 2011

Dream world

I Love these beautiful otherworldly photo’s by photographer Ann He, very ‘Midsummer nights dream’.  They are from a fashion shoot called ‘Runaways’, visit her lovely blog Dolor haze to see more.

May 16, 2011

Button moon

As a child arranging buttons on a tray was my favorite pastime and today I found myself doing this again, I have a beautiful button jar that used to belong to my Husbands Grandma, full of little beauties. I needed to find a particular button so emptied them all on to a tray, within no time I was entranced in the art of button arrangement:

It reminded me of one of my favorite Zandra Rhodes prints, so I un-earthed my book:

May 16, 2011


I’ve had a bit of a craftathon today; Firstly I finished my first square of a patchwork blanket I’m making as part of Twit Knit Club (A virtual knitting club on Twitter). This was the brain child of Scarlett Curtis aka Teen Granny, see details here. It’s such a great idea; seeing/ hearing everyone elses progress via twitter will hopefully spur me on to finish the blanket, it will also give me something to knit at my real life knit club. I’ve gone for a striped design:

I also finished my felt chihuahua as featured in Mollie Makes magazine and taken from Felties, a fabulous book (which I really want now). I think I’ll turn him into a badge.

May 15, 2011

Love This: Karen Barbe kitchen collection

I have raved about Karen Barbe before, and now she has created a kitchen collection that I am IN LOVE with, It is beautiful and manages to embody the tone of my ideal kitchen, I want it all. Described as “modern yet nostalgic, discreet but eye-catching, graphic but quiet”, I love how the fabric resembles graph and dotted paper that has been drawn on with embroidery and cross stitch, her intention is for people to add to the pieces and make them their own with more stitches.

See the rest of the collection here, and buy it here.

May 14, 2011

Advice for the gentlewoman

From my bookshelf : ‘Over the Teacups’ by Dulcie M. Ashdown, features excerpts from women’s magazines from the 1890’s.

A hundred years ago the ways of the gentlewoman were different from that of the gentlewoman today” Indeed.