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May 3, 2011

I collect doilies

I have unintentionally acquired a doily/ vintage tablecloth collection, I’m very happy about this. The first batch I collected for the table decorations at my wedding, and the other day my lovely Gran sent me a bag full that she had collected for me, including two beautiful vintage linen tablecloths:

March 5, 2011

Vintage Placemats

Today I received a lovely surprise; a package from my Mum containing two beautiful vintage place mats that she’d picked up from a charity shop. I LOVE them and the colours are so SPRING!

…and a pretty doily I found in a charity shop

February 20, 2011

Bring the outdoors in



I have always had a love for botanical drawings, especially the vintage kind. You know the one’s that look like dissected medical drawings, terribly intricate and fine. My eyes home in on them and I take a lot of inspiration from them when doing my own illustrations.

Thinking of spring and the imminent project of decorating a new flat and restoring a jungle garden I will once again be turning to this style for inspiration and creating my own little botanical corner somewhere.  




What I love most about using botanical images in interiors is the feeling of calmness you get from bringing the outdoors inside, living in the city this helps keep my pining for the country at bay.

 I came across an old copy of  World Of Interiors the other day with a feature on the artist LP Promenheurs home, he used his walls as a canvas for his beautifully fluent large-scale nature inspired motifs. The house becomes a living painting, I love the idea of one-off hand painted wall murals, shame my new flat is rented.




If, like me you can’t draw on your walls there are lots of beautiful posters for sale on the internet;



This vintage botanical poster from 1947 is available on Etsy


This one from 1973 is a beauty, also from Etsy


 Slinkymalinkicat also has some beautiful prints on Etsy


I  love this vintage seed packet.

February 13, 2011

Vintage Vogue covers

“I could see you in a Sussex teashop,

Dressed in peasant weaves and brogues,

Turning over, as a firelight shone on brassware,

 Last years tea-stained Vogues.”

     John Betjeman


Whilst beginning the lengthy process of sorting and packing up all the things we own before we move house in April, I came across a little (tea-stained) gem that I’d forgotten all about;

‘The Art of Vogue covers 1909-1940’ by William Packer

The illustrations are so beautiful, pieces of art in themselves, I particularly like the work of Georges Lepape, the prolific 1920’s fashion illustrator. Here are my Favorites;

George Plank 1918


Helen Dryden 1916


Georges Lepape 1918


Georges Lepape 1919


Georges Lepape 1924


Georges Lepape 1925


Andre Edouard Marty 1926


Georges Lepape 1927


Georges Lepape 1928


Georges Lepape 1929


Georges Lepape 1933


Eric 1935

January 30, 2011

Whiskers; Models own

A vintage antimacassar from a flea market

A patchwork cushion my Mum made when she was at school