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May 7, 2011

Lover of gardens

A trip to the Botanical Gardens in Bristol:

April 25, 2011

Easter treats

My Easter flower arrangement

Leg swinging at the Arnolfini

Sunbathing with Luna

Pimm’s in the garden

A cycle along the Avon

Ice cream on the Downs

Our first seedlings hatched

Sweet pea tipi

Sitting by the chiminea

April 17, 2011

Green fingers


I have recently started gardening and I Love It. Being outside all day digging around in mud is good for the soul, it reminds me of childhood. It is also very rewarding to plant a teeny seed and watch it grow, especially if you can then eat it. This weekend we built our vegetable patch and sowed our seeds, here is the progress so far;



Luna is loving it too;

April 2, 2011

Garden dreams

Since childhood I have dreamt of having my very own weeping willow tree to sit under, and now I have one in my very own garden. Wonderful, now my garden dreams can come true:

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