A little adventure story:

Hello again petals,

I’m back in four stone walls now with electricity and hot water which is most luxurious! It also means I can dust off the sewing machine and get back to creating APF products after 6 months of being a ferral woodland dweller.

Living in a forest was truly the best thing I have ever done and has given me so much, most of all a deeper respect for nature and the joy of simple living.

I shared some words about this time with a Lion I know who loves to hear stories:

And so we whooshed down our rabbit hole, me Mr and our cat, into a springtime wonderland of fluorescent green beech leaves, floors of wild garlic and bluebells and the jungle like sound of birds and insects ringing in our ears. Nature gently blew life back into my grey skin and I remembered, I was home again. My eyes ate up all the tiny details and beautiful ever changing scenes; the darting silhouettes of dancing leaves in the wind, the bright bright orange of lychen on a tree, the flash of otherworldly blue from a swooping kingfisher, the fluorescent green lightbulb of a glow worm at dusk and the million greys of a heron perched on a fallen tree in a looming storm. These little pieces of everyday magic are what I love most about the countryside, and forests in particular are especially magic – anyone who has spent enough time in one will know they have a great tangible power, to heal, protect and provide, everywhere was forest once and they hold the comfort of an ancient wisdom…

The whole story can be found within the beautiful pages of  Lionheart magazine #3  – The Adventure issue!  Available to order now and in shops on Monday.

Lots of love x


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