Baskets and bags






It’s been a busy few days on the craft front, I finished my leather bag, which I am absolutely thrilled with and I finished off a knitting bag I knitted months ago with some liberty print lining and willow handles, it now hangs in the yurt and is very useful for oddments.

I also went on a basket making course at the weekend with Sheila Wynter, not only was it amazing to learn this new craft and come home with a basket I’d made but it was also captivating to spend time with such a wonderful crafts person, Sheila has been making baskets for well over 50 years and even has a type of willow named after her. I can’t give you a link to a website as she does all her business via post, another thing I love about her! I really enjoyed learning the process of basket making and love how every single basket is unique and handmade, function and beauty are perfectly married. Mine was a bit lumpy and bumpy but I love it, it turned out to be the shape of a traditional apple basket and has a nice spiral design.


2 Comments to “Baskets and bags”

  1. You are so clever love the leather bag!! Even looked to see where it was sold : ))

  2. The leather bag is beautiful!

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