In Love with Leatherwork

Last weekend I was lucky enough to do a leatherwork course with the wonderful leatherworker, green woodworker and all round crafty chap Rob Exton. I learned SO much (30+ skills and techniques) and produced some lovely leather items including a purse, knife sheath and moulded blessing bowl. It was genuinly one of the best things I have ever done and I have well and truly got the leather bug, I loved all the processes from tanning to moulding and most of all the glorious sadle stitch. I am currently making a simple over the shoulder bag which is Very exciting.

Practicing sadle stitch

Bag – WIP

In June I am going on a basketmaking course, which I am also VERY excited about. Traditional crafts like basketmaking and leatherwork have always been intrinsically linked with rural living and they are being kept alive by a small core of  skilled passionate craftspeople. I feel extremely lucky to be learning these skills and I hope to perfect them over the coming months and hopefully become a leather working, basket making ninja. Watch this space!

*For more information on Rob’s courses and projects visit his website


5 Comments to “In Love with Leatherwork”

  1. I really want that little purse and that Leaf is bloody AMAZING!!!! I want them now!!!! You could place your jewellery in the leaf. By the way you look lovely in your outfit and I have cardi envy right now. The setting looks very lovely too, like being Robin Hood.

  2. gorgeous. i played a bit with leather in my BFA days doing bookbinding. never really made anything sculptural. looks like it was tons of fun.

  3. YES!!! I love this! I love the bag and the leaf is just beautiful! Super inspirational! So glad to have stumbled upon your blog. You should check out what we have going on over at – I think you might like it!

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