Adventure Ahoy!

I wanted to tell you…

Me, Mr W and Luna the cat are off on an adventure… to live in the forest, in a yurt!

The forest is close to where we live now and has views over a beatiful valley, It is a sustainable woodland management project that runs courses in bushcraft, green woodworking, coppicing etc and I have the role of cooking up a yummy lunch for the course attendees and volunteers in the outdoor kitchen.

Living a low impact, off grid life close to nature is something we’ve always dreamed of and we cant quite beleive how lucky we are to have this amazing opportunity. You can follow our adventure and yurt ramblings on this blog:

We built this nest

*Image – by Carlson Ellis, from the magical book Wildwood by Colin Meloy. Now on my wishlist.


5 Responses to “Adventure Ahoy!”

  1. Aw that sounds amazing. Living the dream!! I wish you all the best! That book is totally on my wish list too by the way, looks awesome!

  2. This sounds amazing! hope it all goes well for ya…looking forward to seeing some pics on here soon then. Best wishes xx

  3. have a wonderful adventure!! xxx


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