SHOP launch and giveaway

Today is the day I open the proverbial doors to my As Petals Fall SHOP, come and have a look… there’s cards and prints, and over the next few weeks I’ll be adding lots more.

To celebrate the opening of my SHOP I am giving away some petal goodness to you:

1st prize:

Limited edition ‘Tea cosy’ screen print worth £20

This hand drawn illustration of my knitted tea cosy is screen printed on high quality Somerset white paper using water based acrylic inks and is a limited edition of 12, would look great on your wall to remind you of good things like craft and tea.

2nd prize:

Handmade garland -Exclusive, not in the Shop yet – worth £15

This beaut of a garland is 2 meters long and hand stitched using a mix of Liberty print and vintage fabrics with doilie, lace and ribbon embellishments. It is perfect for hanging in your nest to add a touch of handmade charm.

3rd prize:

A peachy package including a greetings card and some crafty bits and bobs

To enter all you have to do is:

1) ‘LIKE’ my Facebook page – HERE


2) Leave a comment on this post (tell me about your favorite/ dream teapot if you like)

Names will be put in my favorite teapot and I will draw three out on Friday 10th February

** Multiple entries gained through spreading the word of the Petal – Tell people about this wonderous giveaway by sharing a link to this post/ my SHOP on Twitter or Facebook, (remember to @ mention me so I can put names into the teapot)

***In fact spreading word of the As Petals Fall SHOP will most probably be rewarded with cake (Subject to availability)


26 Responses to “SHOP launch and giveaway”

  1. Yay! Hurray, well done! And a giveaway too… I already like your facebook page. Teapot – Marimekko in good company I love it . x

  2. I love all these prizes, especially that garland…WOW!!!!

    My dream teapot would be like a giant Polly pocket or like one of those houses from the Bramley Hedge illustrations. Of course there would need to be enough room for my tea.

  3. congrats on your opening of your shop, it looks awesome!!!

  4. What a lovely shop! Congratulations, I’ve added it to my favorites! All the prizes look AMAZING! I already love your fb page, but my favourite teapot is a difficult one. I plan on having more than one! A collection wouldn’t be complete without a wedgwood though, preferably a floral one 🙂

  5. Eeep….I am a huge crockery fan…. I currently have 5 teapots….a big basic yellow one that gets used all the time, a small white one with a cow on that my Ma gave me, a 50’s metal/wooden handled one, a hammered pewter one that’s part of a big set I got for a quid and a big flowery one…..however, my ideal/dream teapot would be one like this….…….I just love it…. 🙂

  6. Such gorgeous illustrations! Very inspiring, I love the As Petals Fall one. Hmm ideal teapot, I think it would have to look like a giant mug, just to confuse people, and keep tea REALLY HOT! A mug shaped like a small teapot would then be ideal, to complete the picture.

  7. Love it, as I’ve already said…. Favourite teapot is the one you’ll see when you come to visit me or next go home! PS – I want the garland. Love you xxxxx

  8. Your designs make me happy and I want to fill my nest with all of them 🙂

  9. Hurray! Well done! I’m going to be ordering lots of those lovely cards soon- I like the idea of the ‘just wanted to say’ one – it’s perfect for all sorts of different occasions. I can see a series of those being a great success! lots of love Janet xxx

  10. I ‘liked’! Congratulations on opening the shop. A story about my favourite teapot… Well, I used to work in Chinatown in Ottawa, Canada and would often spend my lunches wandering through the gift shops. I ended up giving unusual and interesting teapots to my friends as wedding gifts and never remembered to buy myself one. I was about to host a book club meeting so I decided to pick up a proper teapot. I found a beautiful white and blue one with fish and dragons painted on it. I used it whenever I made tea for years until, just a few months ago, there was a dish washing accident and the spout broke off in such a way that it couldn’t be mended. I have no idea why I was nearly in tears — since it’s only a teapot after all, not one of my children. After a sufficient grieving process, I found another happy blue and white pot at a farmer’s market this past Christmas. It doesn’t feel quite as magical as my first, lovely teapot, but it is perky, happy and helps make a wonderful Jasmine green tea. I think I’ll keep it for as long as it will last around my klutzy hands.

  11. woop woop shop of dreams is open! I don’t own a teapot, not a single one to my name! the teapot of my dreams is psychadelic, kaleidoscopic, jazztastic and fits 347 cups of tea! also my favourite cup is Chip from beauty and the beast Xx

  12. Congrats on the launch darling!!! my favorite teapot was made by an 89 year old potter who lives near my second home Windermere, BC; she makes the most gorgeous clay vessels.

  13. This is my first competition entry on a blog, but they’re all such lovely prizes! I really love my teapot, so happy to talk about it when someone asks (nobody has until now!) I have the Typhoon ‘CHING HE HUANG’ teapot from Heals. I love it. Just the right size since I’m the only one who drinks tea in this house. Congrats on the launch of your shop! x

  14. Oh, I’d love the garland – it’d be perfect for my wedding this summer! As for teapots, I love ’em all, vintage, Scandiwegian, old brown pottery, the lot!

  15. just found your shop through Patchwork Harmony, beautiful things! My favorite teapot is a Liberty teapot in wiltshire berry fabric print!

  16. so, finally, i only own one teapot and that’s this for life stump teapot (in cream) that i first spotted at the bristol lido and bought from arch house deli – i love it but it’s currently in store, along with all my other lovely things, in bristol waiting for me to ship it to switzerland! ps – i advertised this giveaway on my figs and roses page, on twitter as @figsandroses and as myself too fingers crossed for the garland for my lovely swiss craft space (complete with backdrop of mountains so ideal for you!). best of luck with making lots of sales! xxx

  17. What lovely prizes! Adore the bunting!
    I’ve been eyeing up a pillar red stump teapot for a while now – one day!
    Have liked you FB page!x

  18. Congratulations on your new shop. All of your work is so beautiful!
    Right now I only use a “one cup infuser” for my tea, but I want to get a beautiful cast iron teapot that I spotted at Teavana.
    I have recently started crocheting again so maybe I’ll make a tea cozy like the one in your print sometime soon!
    You are so generous with the prizes for this giveaway! Awesome stuff!

    • Thank you for your super lovely comments! 🙂 and for entering the giveaway, Good luck and check back tomorrow to find out the winners!
      I recently went to a tea house that had cast iron teapots and they were wonderous at keeping the water hot.
      My gran is knitting me another tea cosy at the moment pink and orange stripes!! I love them.

  19. I have a lot of teapots and numerous tea cosies! my favouritet eapot to use is my Betty’s tearoom one by Bridgewater – it’s a lovely generous tea pot, makes teatime special and also my mam got me it and four lovely cups to match for my birthday one year. and I like the fact you can get a replacement lid if i break it as I’ve had many teapots suffer the loss of a lid! my other favourite is a brown traditional teapot, perfect for every day use. some people say you shouldn’t wash the inside of a teapot but I do! i don’t often use a teapot cosy nowadays but inspired by the illustration, it has reminded me of this practice, so now I think I will!

  20. you can see the Betty’s teapot here- blimey what a price! but my niece was working there and was able to get a discount!,19051,111.aspx


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