Mail Art joys

Before Christmas I received some wonderful mail art from Jeannine (Saylor made) Including some beautiful artwork, a thoughtful note, some personalised homemade stickers, a handmade bookmark, a card and, as usual,l some pretty buttons.

I also got a wonderful package from Sumi Sethi including some of her gorgeous hand printed fabric, a handmade badge, some lovely green fabric that I used to decorate my marmalade jars, a deer badge (My fave Sumi illustration), some stamps (top picture) and her beautiful ‘Ship Shape’ design printed onto fabric (I think I will make something special with this).

And yesterday a little envelope popped through the letterbox from Jessica Gowling, a beautiful treasury of butterflies and moths including some pages from an old book, a postcard and some pretty stickers.

Thank You So much mail Arters! I am looking forward to sending out some worthy replies in 2012! x x


5 Comments to “Mail Art joys”

  1. Aw beautiful watercolours by Jeannine!! Glad the fabric was useful πŸ™‚ lovely post! xxx

  2. So happy you enjoyed my mail art! I’ve been having a great deal of fun making those handmade stickers.

  3. I’m glad the flurry of moths and butterflies were a nice new years surprise. thanks for your patience in waiting for my reply. I was super busy with OOAK. I am finally on track again with mail art and only owe 2 people (as opposed to 22 when I originally got home). It’s fun to see all the letters now arriving!!! I’ll be sure to add you to my mail art post today.

  4. Sumi and Jessica’s mail art are always awesome!!!!!

    That ship is bloody fantastic!!!

    The moths, beetles, butterfles…..WOW!!! I want them too…hint hint Jessica πŸ˜‰

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