Christmas market adventures

This weekend was As Petals Falls trading debut;

Saturday at the Christmas Steps was wonderful, such a charming setting and warm community and we were very lucky with the weather..

On Sunday we packed our merry selves off to Bath for The Makery‘s Christmas Craft fair, It was joyous to be based in the wonderful Makery Emporium for a whole day, such a magical place if you like being a crafty fox in your spare time and get excited by beautiful fabrics, buttons, ribbons…

The two petals hard at work!

** Thank you to all my lovely friends and, of course, Mr W who came along to support us**


6 Comments to “Christmas market adventures”

  1. This all looks so bloody amazing. Your presentation is perfection. I want to fall into those pillows and fall asleep.

  2. You look fantastic nestled in all you amazing goods! I hope you kick butt at those fairs!

  3. Your crafts look amazing!! You’re so talented! I love the cushions and aprons. xxx

  4. I missed lots of fun looking Christmas craft events in Bristol this year! Looks great though.

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