A good day for my Letterbox

Just when my post was beginning to be dreary again I received two lovely surprises in one day;

A marvelous mail art package from Melanie Furtado containing not one, but TWO owl prints, a handmade zine, a magnet (that sadly broke in transit, but a beauty nonetheless), a hand-made moth card (I also love drawing moths!) and a little envelope containing bits and bobs that reads ‘Make something’. It was a perfect little mail art package and I am looking forward to replying, even though it may not be until January now!

As well as a peachy little package from the very lovely 91 Magazine, which is made by Patchwork Harmony , a lovely blog and shop that I’ve been following for a while now, I especially love their beautiful interior styling, you must have a peek if you havent already.

I also received my greetings cards from the printers yesterday and I’m so happy with how they look, the card has a lovely matte feel and the image is perfect and crisp. They will be available to buy  in my online shop soon and also at the markets I’ll be at in December.


One Comment to “A good day for my Letterbox”

  1. lovely lovely ruddy ruddy lovely!!!! Your cards are DELICIOUS! xxx birdies, teacups, old lampshades,typewriter text…. HEAVEN! x

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