Letterbox love

Recently I have been feeling the pressure of my mail art commitments and worrying about the amount of time it takes to create a package worthy of sending, as setting up my own business is going to require strict budgets not only with my money but also with my time. However, today I fell back in love with it completley after seeing three beautiful hand scribed and decorated envelopes nestled together on the floor underneath my letterbox.

Firstly some art from ezerd for winning a Twitter competition, I loved it so much especially the cake print! I shall definatley be sending something in return.

Next was a package from Hailey Restuccia of Bella and Tino, It was right up my street as it contained a vintage hand embroidered napkin and some old images of doilies and crochet:

And then, an absolutley beautiful collection of artful goodies from Jeannine Saylor, I have found myself really looking forward to Jeannine’s envelopes, they are always so thoughtful and personal, I found this one especially heartwarming as it was really ‘me’, the colours of  the watercolour prints of flora and fauna are just beautiful and I love the map and stamp images. I am also enjoying our little button swap:



3 Comments to “Letterbox love”

  1. happy happy love love

  2. Wow some awesome goodies you have received. I love the stamps and maps that Jeannine sent you. The flower painting is just lovely. makes me so excited to get my package from her. The joys of mail art. I have to say I feel the pressure a little bit to do mail art, cause it takes a long time to do and sometimes the postage costs a lot.

  3. Ah, it makes me so happy to hear that my package brightened your day and made you feel a bit more hopeful about mail art. I for one am not bothered at all if you choose to take a break for a while, until you have more time.

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