Mail art: Outgoing

I have been busy sending lot’s of mail art out to lovely creatives recently;

First was a reply to Lucy of Moll and Mostin, I sent her a hand typed letter as I loved the hand stamped letter she sent me as well as one of my barn owl illustrations, a paper map garland, a thrifted botanical illustration, a fabric screen printed key and some Canadian stamps c/o Jessica Gowling;

I also had a long-awaited requested envelope to send to Ashley Gaia, I sent her one of my barn owl illustrations as I remember her saying she had a love of owls, a fabric screen printed key, an old map picture and a cutting of a 1920’s magazine advert;

I also had another mail art request to send to Sumi Senthi, I sent her some of my illustrations, a screen printed key, some buttons and some cuttings;

A requested envelope was also sent to Hailey Restuccia of  Bella and Tino I hope she liked it;

I also have two peachy little packages sitting here waiting to fly over to Jessica Gowling and Jeannine Saylor in Canada but because of the postal strike over there the Post office won’t let me send them.

If you’d like to exchange mail art with me then go to my ‘I wanted to tell you’ page.


2 Comments to “Mail art: Outgoing”

  1. I love the map items!! Can’t wait until my package arrives. 😀

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