AsPetalsFall HQ

This week I created a work space in the spare room, it has a lovely view of the garden and a huge oak desk (on loan from my sister-in-law) I have already been drawing and designing lots, all my pens are lined up, my To Do list is huge, my wartime typewriter is ready when I need her and my mind is whirring with ideas, under the watchful eye of my cat I am ready for action. I have also acquired some screen printing studio space after a long wait, which is tremendously exciting as it means I can finally start producing some beautiful things, also in the pipeline; an Etsy shop, a website, an empire!

Watch this space.


One Comment to “AsPetalsFall HQ”

  1. go get em girl!!! that space looks beautiful! I’ve got a bit hill covered in forest to stare at but no lush greenery or cute kitties.

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