‘I wanted to tell you…’ London and Canada

My next batch of mail art went out about a week ago and has arrived safely into the arms of two lovely ladies:

Lucy of Moll and Mostin;

She designs and makes beautifully nostalgic stationary out of vintage paper cuttings, so I thought she might like some cuttings from my vintage magazine book, she also told me how she loves collage so I sent her some fabric flower cut outs and some stars I made out of fabric and book pages, as well as some of my ribbons and one of my hand-made ‘Heart felts’.

Next was Jeannine aka Saylor Made , a super talented artist/ designer from Canada

This lucky lady is now the proud owner of my felt chihuahua badge. I also sent her an original screen print of mine I did a while ago (I thought she would like the colours), a ‘Button Swap’ because she had commented on my ‘Button moon’ post saying she also has similar childhood memories of buttons, a postcard that i LOVE and a gold star for her to applique onto something.

Jeannine received the package and wrote a lovely blog post about it, see it here and find out what she named Mr Chihuahua!

Mail art makes me smile, if you’d like to join in, or just send me a letter/ tell me a secret then see here ‘I wanted to tell you’.


2 Responses to “‘I wanted to tell you…’ London and Canada”

  1. Love, Love, Love each and every piece. A gushy-type blog post is forthcoming with a name for the sweet, little chihuahua.


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