Mail art: Outgoing

After my birthing into the world of mail art two people asked if they could exchange with me… I was so excited I got to work straight away, I can’t share it with you yet because they havent received it, but the lovely Jessica Gowling all the way over in Canada has finally received her package;

I sent her a Hunderwasser postcard, a cutting of a vintage advert for oats, some buttons from my collection, a knitted patch that I called ‘Mountains made of wool’ (The zine she sent me was called ‘Mountains made of fur) and a really cute little zine called ‘Bears in your face’ because I know she LOVES bears; this was a cautionary tale of what can happen if you profess your love of bears too publicly! I wrapped it all in one of my print designs printed onto paper.

See what she thought about it here, along with a mountain of other great mail art from creatives around the world, it must be wonderful receiving so much artful post every week!

If you’d like to exchange mail art with me see my  ‘I wanted to tell you’ page.


One Comment to “Mail art: Outgoing”

  1. Loved it thanks katie!!! the bear zine was especially hilarious. too good. Am putting together something special for you this week. Hope the weather’s nice in your neck of the woods. Love from canada.

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