Button moon

As a child arranging buttons on a tray was my favorite pastime and today I found myself doing this again, I have a beautiful button jar that used to belong to my Husbands Grandma, full of little beauties. I needed to find a particular button so emptied them all on to a tray, within no time I was entranced in the art of button arrangement:

It reminded me of one of my favorite Zandra Rhodes prints, so I un-earthed my book:


One Comment to “Button moon”

  1. I adore buttons as well!! I have mine in full display in an oversized mason jar sitting on a shelf in my studio. When I was little I used to rummage in my mom’s button jar and then sew a bunch on a scrap of fabric and pin it to my wall in my room. A collection of buttons have always been very comforting to me.

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