Chocolate Amaretti

Knitting/ pudding club was at mine this week, I decided on a chocolate amaretti cake. I love amaretti biscuits, especially when they are beautifully wrapped.


2 Comments to “Chocolate Amaretti”

  1. this looks divine. and i love those biscuits too although my favourite thing about them was to set light to the wrappers and i was gutted to discover they’ve changed the paper to waxy paper that doesn’t float up to the ceiling. oh well.

    i spotted this cake on instagram when hels’ posted a photo. your knit/pudding club sounds great.

    also, i love your shutters in the background. enjoy continuing to settle into your new home 🙂


    • Thank’s Nancy!
      Knitting and pudding are the perfect combination! I’ve been thinking of arranging a sort of ‘pop up’ knit/pudding club sometime soon, so let me know if you’d be interested
      I cant wait to finish my knitted owl cushion 1/2 done now!
      I hope your work/ project hermit is going well

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