Seven things;

(About me)

Today I was catching up on my favorite blogs, one of them is by Karen Barbe a Textile designer from Santiago, I love its simplicity and cleanliness and her textiles are beautiful.

Anyway I saw this post and I am taking her up on her invitation to post ‘7 things about me’ :

1) My favorite flowers are Sweet Pea’s, they’ve been in my life every summer for ever (also my favorite smell)

2) I prefer mountains and forests to the sea and beaches (look here if you need persuading)

3) I have an irrational fear of daddy long legs and waking up sleeping people, due to two unrelated childhood traumas

4) I married my childhood sweetheart

5) I love typewriters, teapots, owls and cats among other things

6) I dream of living in a cottage in the country in the middle of nowhere, wearing wellies and a headscarf and being self-sufficient

7) I have no tonsils


Tell me seven things about you…


One Comment to “Seven things;”

  1. So glad you joined the invitation, dear mountain girl! The picture comprises so well the feel of your seven things!
    Hope your dream comes true 🙂

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