A Scandinavian dream

Of  late I have developed an obsession with all things Scandinavian, I dream of living in a woodland cabin by a water’s edge getting rosy-cheeked doing wholesome things like chopping logs and yodeling, before retreating inside for a hot chocolate by the open fire to do some knitting etc etc…

At the moment these dreams are being fuelled by this beautiful blog I came across: Lovenordic Design

Until I run to the Swedish hills I shall have to be content with white washing my furniture, investing in a quilt and wearing as much fair isle as possible, all a bit more achievable. Anyhow I think what I love about the Scandinavian interior style most is its ethos and how it manages to create graceful juxtapositions; Folksy and modern, personal and uncluttered, airy yet cosy. It’s all about nesting, making the most of natural light and ensuring your living space is enjoyable, personal and above all comfortable.

Here are a few things I would put in my Scandinavian dream;

Marimekko is a Finnish textile company, they have some beautiful designs.

Kaiku fabric

Green green fabric

Lapuliisa Cushion

And from SCP:

Frank pouffe by Donna Wilson

Jacob chevron blanket


One Comment to “A Scandinavian dream”

  1. Such rustic and stylish rooms and nooks – I could happily curl up and stay there – thanks for a super post – Alison

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