Knitting club

Recently my friends and I have formed a knitting circle, we meet every week to knit, chat and drink wine. We have all found it to be a joyous addition to our lives. Maybe it’s part of the transition to mid twenties, or the therapeutic effects knitting has, or maybe its just the season but as soon as we started we knew it felt right! group knitting definitely has many advantages; discussing the perils of purl stitch makes for faster learning ( lone knitting seemed to result in a pseudo purl!), also inspiration/ knit envy (seeing  my friend crack out a knitted owl) provides lots of motivation. Our current projects include snoods, legwarmers, blankets, flowers and iphone holders, we have been mastering the purl stitch, moss stitch, increasing, decreasing and cable stitch. 

I recommend it, even just for the oestrogen fuelled chatting, sometimes we meet in the pub, which can result in funny looks and dropped stitches!

The ultimate shared ambition of our knitting lives is the cable knit/ fair isle jumper; the Holy Grail of Knit Club.


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